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Krvavica Beach
Krvavica Beach
Krvavica is a small settlement, belongs to Baška Voda and is situated between Bratuš and Makarska, under Biokovo and the Magistral road stretching along the Adriatic. The beauty of the coast here is very much like the most famous ones of the area, Brela and Baška Voda. At the bottom of the Mila (Krvavićki) Creek Valley bathers find here a marvelous gravel beach.

Detail of the marina with Biokovo
Detail of the marina with Biokovo
A couple of years ago PŠRD Ramova (sea sport and fishing club) of the locals, paddling their own canoes, constructed a 250 berths marina next to the beach. This is something to be proud of, as there is nothing like a village this small owning a marina this big on the Adriatic. A counterpoint of that is the haunted monumental building in the shades of the pine forest by the beach. This is the former resort for children of armymen, built in 1960 and, due to difficulties of privatization, deteriorating empty since the Patriotic War.

Guests find one restaurant in Krvavica (Čizmić), a small grocery store and bars on the beach (Sidro). Accommodation is offered at several family-owned apartment buildings. Approaching the beach with a car from the Magistral, at about halfway to the beach drivers find a barrier set up to collect the parking fee - 20 Kuna/car in 2009.

Krvavica houses from SE
Krvavica houses from SE
Amongst the sights in Krvavica one can find Babin zub or Ključki kuk - a cliff shaping something like a tooth of an old witch. Although the place name Krvavica is first mentioned as late as 1792 in historical sources, the area was populated significantly earlier. Several medieval archeological locations are known in Krvavica (Gradina, Lazine, Zakuće, Manastirine), out of those Zakuće and Manastirine stand out thanks to the finds of the mystical medieval tombstones, the stećak-s (stećci) there.

For a better understanding and the ambience of Krvavica please don't miss to visit our pictures and short videos of the place. Our links collection contains only Krvavica-related links. Significant locations are found on our map of the place.

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